Is there an audition? 
No. The Hummingbirds is a low pressure, fun-focused approach to choir. You will not be expected to sing on your own. On the first day, after you have sung a few notes for Natasha, so she is able to hear your vocal register, you will only sing as part of a section, unless you choose to do otherwise. There are opportunities each year for soloists if you are someone who would like the opportunity to sing on their own!

Do I need to be able to read music? 
It is not necessary to be able to read music, but you will definitely learn a bit along the way! You will be provided access to mp3 learning tracks and sheet music that will help support you in learning your singing part.

Can I come for a trial first to see if it suits me? 
You most certainly can. Please fill in the online registration form anyway as this will alert us to you coming.

Which part do you sing?
If you are unsure of where your voice fits in the choir, then come along at about 19:00 to 19:15 on the first day and Natasha will work out where you should be. If after the first session it doesn’t feel comfortable for you, let Natasha know and you are welcome to change sections.
Soprano 1 is the highest voice
Soprano 2 is the second highest
Alto 1 is a bit low
Alto 2 is the lowest voice

How much do I pay? 
Each session is €12, payable per term. Term lengths vary, see calendar for details.
Do I pay for the trial session? 
If you choose to not join the choir after the trial session then no charge will be incurred to you. Thank you for trying us out in this case! However if you decide this is the place for you then you will be charged from the first session you turned up to.

What happens if I join the choir part way through the term?  How much do I pay then? 

You will not be expected to pay the full terms fee. Please contact the office at to arrange how much your fees will be.

What is my commitment?
Each week we will work on different songs. You will receive a newsletter after each rehearsal which will tell you what we will be working on the following rehearsal. You will need to listen to the recordings for your part and learn the words as you go. The better you know your part, the more you will enjoy the experience.

What are the performance opportunities?
Performance opportunities vary each term. We have performed at various choir festivals (including Korendagen at The Paradiso), flash mobs, on TV(!), retirement villages, school events as well as our main charity concerts.  We also like to invite experts in to lead workshops. You will be kept updated when opportunities arise.

What do I bring to rehearsals?
Each week you should bring a water bottle, mug (for tea break), your folder with music and a pencil. Very occasionally you will be on kitchen duty which will require you to bring something yummy to share at the tea break!

What if I can’t get to rehearsals one week?
We all have busy lives, so of course we understand when something gets in the way of rehearsals. Please inform your section coordinator or the office at 

Are there any prerequisites for joining the choir? 
Well, apart from needing to be female, the only requirements of you are:
*  a love of singing
* logging into your members account and keeping abreast of rsvps required for events and new music to download.
* a love of people! You’ll meet all kinds of amazing women in the choir and we assure you that it is a very supportive environment. There is always someone to help you!

1. Resources & materials: All resources and teaching materials remain the property of The Hummingbirds. You will not share or use these outside of choir.
2. Photography & media: Any use of photos, videos and recordings of the choir will be taken throughout the year and used as promotional material for The Hummingbirds.
3. Membership: Payment of choir fees for returning members within 2 weeks of the start of the term.
(Please let us know if you have any difficulties with this in advance so we can negotiate an alternative) (Note: This is not an essential requirement for when you join for the first time)